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Dancing and aging

Dancing and aging. As we age, whether we like it or not, our bodies become less flexible and our minds begin to lose track of things(i.e. "Where did I put my keys?", or my favorite, "What am I looking for?"). But, it doesn't have to be. When you learn to dance marvelous things begin to happen! You start build muscle. Your balance, cardiovascular system and posture improves You'll also have a lot of things to remember: posture, hand, arm, body and foot positions, not to mention the steps you will learn. You will also learn to dance with another person and that takes cooperation, patience and a sense of humor, for no 2 people learn at the same pace. You will learn social graces, and gain more confidence in yourself and in your abilities. One of the best aspects in learning to dance is being able to reconnect with your partner; having an activity you can do together.

Well, it's well and good, Colleen, for couples to take lessons, but I am a single person. I do hear you. I am one of you, but one of the beauties of learning to dance is you don't need a partner to take lessons. All certified instructors are trained in both the lead and follow parts of the partnership.

The biggest difficulty we face as we age is the lack of companionship. Even taking one lesson a week gets us out of the house and talking to someone, especially during these trying times. (All Covid protocols are adhered to during the lessons. All lessons are contactless, and can be taught on Zoom, if you feel safer). When it is safe to host and attend social dances again, you will gain a new circle of friends.

So, in a nut shell, when you learn to dance you are enjoying a low-impact physical and mental exercise that reconnects you with your partner a well as other people and you'll have fun in the process!

(As a nationally certified instructor, my goal is to teach you how to dance in a fun and supportive environment. Private lessons are structured to your learning style, at your pace and the dances you want to learn. Contact me for more information on packages and single lessons as well as payment plans0.

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